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About the Course
Marketing and traction defines the success of an entity, whether it is a start-up or an established company. Gain the edge by learning the latest growth techniques in social media and digital marketing.
Marketing today requires modern skills, and outdated education isn’t enough. Gain practical skills required to help companies grow and help you land one of the 280,000+ marketing jobs that go unfulfilled each year.
Whether you’re looking to launch a 21st century marketing career or want to take your marketing skills to the next level, our social media marketing gurus can help you become proficient with the latest tools and techniques.
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Course launches January 1st
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How It Works: Learn By Doing
Hands-On Learning
School teaches, but experience educates. You’ll learn cutting edge insights by participating in real-life case studies with the latest tools and platforms.
Full Range of Demonstrable Skills
Once you learn the full range of marketing skills – optimizing the entire funnel from social media to landing pages – conversion comes easy.
Personal and Group Mentors

It’s never one-size-fits-all, and to further set you up for success you will be able to interact with our mentors to solve individual problems.
Portfolio Development 
A polished portfolio displaying your newly acquired skills is your primary resource to sell it, not tell it.
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A brand without a strategy is just an idea. Learn the fundamentals required to establish a digital brand identity, acquire an initial set of followers, and setup and execute an effective social media strategy.
1: Define and Identify Customers

Hundreds of millions of potential customers are within your reach on social networks. Learn who to look for and how to engage them in scalable ways. 

2: Optimize Your Social Media Pages

First impressions count. Learn what people are scanning for on social media and optimize accordingly. 

3: Build a Targeted Community

Once you’ve grasped the basics, it’s time to turn potential customers into a sales funnel. Master the art of community building and gain up to 200 Twitter followers each day. 

4: Produce Content that Will Convert

Content is king when it comes to developing a customer base. Learn how to produce content your audience will engage with. 

5: Track and Analyze Results

Your funnel is built. Now you must track your customers’ interactions and pain points so you can repeat what works and improve what doesn’t.
While you wait, we'll send you a free Ebook
on how to get 200-300 Twitter followers per day.
Course launches January 1st
Pre-register now to get classes worth $199 for free
SmartOn's World Class Mentors
You can rely on our mentors to help you effectively complete real-world projects and gain actual skills. They are passionate about helping you succeed and will support you every step of the way.

Sree Sreenivasan
Chief Digital Officer at
The Metropolitan Museum of Art,
Chief Digital Officer at Columbia University
Cezary Pietrzak
Co-Founder of Wanderfly
(acquired by TripAdvisor),
Marketing & Growth Mentor at TechStars
Shubo Sengupta
Digital Marketing Consultant,
Creative Head, Rediffusion Y&R

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